Saturday, December 5, 2009

I dreamed "the dream"

Yes, last night I had my first dream of being a missionary! I woke up in a panic still having an unfinished to do list, and being on a vacation. AH. It is coming quick and I am so happy but worried too, wondering how I'll get everything finished. I still need an H1N1 shot, anyone had one yet? My sister Andrea just got one and has now been throwing up for days. eek. Not a condition I want to be in when entering the MTC! I have to still find warm gloves... and don't know what ones will be warm ENOUGH. But on the bright side, I have an incredibly warm insulated/waterproof coat and boots. Gloves, I'm still trying to find you.

Now onto my dream. It was a long dream. I LOVE long dreams because you don't feel like they're unfinished. Waking up to an unfinished dream is the worst. I always try to fall back asleep to let the dream complete itself but then I begin a new dream and usually end up with two unfinished dreams.

My dream last night began with goodbyes to friends in Provo, a short MTC drop off (because I recently got a strict letter telling us of the routine--us Zwicks do not do short goodbyes), a meeting with the MTC mission president and hundreds of other missionaries, and a stapled packet of rules I had never heard of. Ha ha, I'm sure there are no secretive rules you find out in the MTC, but in my dream there was! A whole 8-10 pages of new rules. The only one I remember was "Every night you have to sleep 18 hours. Even if you can't stay asleep that long, you have to lay in bed for 18 hours." For me, that is unattainable. I don't like to sleep. If I could, we wouldn't need sleep to function. We'd get so much done that way! When I woke up and told my mom of that 18 hour sleeping rule I read in my dream she said, "You'll wish that was a rule!"

Today I got a lot of last minute things done, in reaction to my dream. My mom and I hit the outlets here in Florida and now I'm only down to a few more items which I'll get next week when I get home. Time is short, but now my to do list is shorter, so I'm relieved!

Nine days and I'm a missionary! :)


  1. Tia I laughed so hard about your dream! It is true, I'll be there are days you wish you had 18 hours to sleep! Good luck finding the gloves! I cannot believe how soon it is coming up for you! Love you!

  2. Haha your dream sounds funny Tia. I miss you so much. Call me before you leave! love you.