Tuesday, December 8, 2009

In love with Utica.

Since I've had 3 months to think about Utica New York, it really is ALWAYS on my mind. Whenever I have spare time I am on the internet reading about what there is to do there and searching images. I'll share some interesting facts about the area I will be moving to for the coming 18 months...

-The city itself is about 16.6 square miles. Not too big. The population recorded in year 2000 said 60,651 people resided there.

-Main street is especially adorable at Christmastime. Don't you think?

-There is a ginormous children's museum.

-And public library where I might be emailing if I ever cover this area.

-The homes are so cute.

-Utica is famous for it's plethora of Italian-American restaurants. One of the top three in the city goes by "Babe's". Cute huh? This picture of the restaurant is even cuter than the name...

I'm eating here at least once. The real name is: Babe's Macaroni Grill.

-Utica has a zoo. It's been around since 1920. I thought the add was kind of scary. It says, "Utica Zoo wants you" But luckily it rhymes. I don't like when things try to rhyme and don't quite work.

-In the Spring there is a tulip festival. So I guess I won't miss Thanksgiving Point Gardens after all.

-During the Winter the Zoo holds a "Snowfari" event. It's supposedly the biggest winter event in Utica. Out on the slopes the various sledders and skiers make their way down the hill. Some participate in the "cardboard sled race." They create their sled, using cardboard, and bring it to race on. It happens to be one of the more popular events of the day. There are other events such as big air competition, snowball softball and an obstacle course. I think this would be a good event to set up a booth to get investigators.

-I will be enjoying half moon cookies, maybe too much. A usual "New York" snack.

-"Utica Monday Nite" is held in the downtown park every Monday evening to promote a regional arts economy. There are performances and art displays on thirteen Monday nights from June through August. Events and activities are free to the public! What a fun idea.
-The SNOW and ICE storms! Brrr...

-A year round chair lift at Memorial Park.

Although, I won't be able to enjoy many of these things, it helps give me an idea of what kind of people are in the community, what they enjoy, and more to converse with them about. Doesn't it sound like a fun, clean, city? Utica.

I think I have fallen in love with my mission before I have even arrived. Bring on Utica New York!


  1. This place looks BEAUTIFUL! Tia, I am so excited for you. What an incredible place to go! And enjoy those cookies for me too!

  2. I love half-moon cookies. Such an East-coast thing. Tia, I might see you! Haha we go to NY a lot now, but usually the city. I think main street is adorable, and the zoo thing made me laugh. Love you so much.

  3. TIA! Could this place be any more perfect for you? I think not.. you were born to serve a mission there. I can't wait to see pictures of you in front of these places!!