Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane!!

Hola! I am like shaking because I am so nervous that my time will run out again! I am so sorry about last week. I will press send even if my email isn't finished!

How is everyone!? I LOVED the dearelders telling me all about Christmas day. You all write so well and it made me feel like I was there taking part in it! I wish so badly I could play the Beatles Rock Band with the fam and sing Karaoke with Andrew. Ha ha. I remember Steph and Chris Merkley singing "Summer Nights" a few Christmas Breaks ago. I think it was after Chad's fight at the Mayan. Christmas break is so fun because we are all together. I was thinking about you all, but still was happy and enjoyed Christmas here SO MUCH! I'll tell you about it further down.

First, MY DISTRICT GOT OUR FLIGHT ITINERARIES! That really is what made Christmas week exciting. Don't get me wrong, I loved the packages. I feel spoiled rotten, and felt so bad... my companion didn't get anything for Christmas! Mom, I was crying with her Christmas Eve day when the last package slips came and her's wasn't there. She's like, "I know I had gifts under the tree. Maybe my mom just didn't want to pay the expensive postage to get it here on time." It was really sad, but I shared mine. She woke up to some gifts Christmas morning, thanks to you guys! But yes, we got our flight plans! It was the best Christmas present. I love the MTC because I feel like I wouldn't be prepared with out it. Class, teaching evaluations, and bearing my testimony has helped me feel ready for the people in New York. I still feel a bit unprepared because what an incredible message this is that us missionaries are carrying! But I know when I let the spirit guide the lessons, my words just flow. It's been an amazing lesson to learn. I hope the spirit can always teach because it's a much better teacher than I am!

Dad, since you like tracking flights, here is the info: We leave the MTC at 4 am to head to the Salt lake airport. My comp is calling her family from there, which I may do too, but it will be like 5 am your time! So early. Can you believe it Mom, I'm now waking up at times I had just barely gone to sleep! Andrew, that was not good preparation. ha ha! The bedtime thing is great now. The first week I had a hardtime falling asleep when I got into bed because it seemed so early (10:30 pm)! Now I fall right asleep because waking up early is catching up to me. Ash and Matt, I can't believe you've done this all year with early morning seminary! Way to go! It'll prepare you for your missions. Yes Ash, MissionS. :) So we will get to the Salt Lake Airport where I'll call you first. Don't worry if you don't pick up because we have a stop in Chicago where I'll call too. We are flying on American Airlines Flight 374. It leaves from SLC at 7:10 a.m. and flies to Chicago. We arrive there at 11:10 AM. I think that's 8:10 Vegas time. That is when I'll be calling! We have a THREE HOUR LAYOVER THERE! YES! More time to talk to all of you. Mom, can you dearelder me all my sibling's cell phone numbers? We can call family and if they don't answer, I atleast want to leave voice mails. I was also wondering if you could invite Andrew over for part of it. We can set it up when I call. I'll have a few hours. I think he goes to work around 10. It'd be fun to say "hi!" We switch planes there in Chicago to flight 3874 (still American Airlines) Pa. We leave Chicago at 3:10 and fly to Syracuse, NY!!!!! It is all uphill from there! :) We will get there at 5:50 where (I was told from my friend who served in this mission) the Mission President, his wife, and the A.P.s will meet us 6 missionaries. I am so excited to meet President Bulloch and Sister Bulloch! I have absolutely loved my branch president here in the MTC though, President Calder. He and his wife know and love Craig and Jan. Their daughter with the last name Gilbert has kids the Eyrings ages and they are all friends! It's a fun connection. I remember babysitting the Eyrings and the Gilbert kids always came over... my branch president's grandkids! Cool!

Christmas week was great here! I'll shortly summarize because my time is running out and I have to send it BEFORE my time expires. Ha ha. Tuesday the 22nd Elder Neil L. Anderson came. He spoke on sacrifice which was great for us to hear. He said, "The things that have value have to be paid for in advance." And then he told us we're not giving something up, we're putting something in the back and it will return to us one hundred fold. He also said, "That will be clear to you in a way that's not clear to you now." It was really inspiring and helped us all endure Christmas positively.

Christmas Eve we all thought an apostle was coming. At dinner with my district I was like, "Predictions on who is coming tonight!" Everyone was naming apostles. It was way funny to show up and see that it was just the MTC presidency. I shouldn't say "just", they made it fun with participation from the missionaries.

Elder Perry came Christmas Day and said, "You'll realize as you get older all your Christmases become a blur, but it's the special ones you will remember." I made sure to journal about Christmas here because it really was unique but I was so happy! It was a good day to serve so many other missionaries and I shared my gift with foreign sisters. They were so happy! I can't wait to write you a letter and tell you more about it.

Well, my time is almost up. I have more to tell you about what I did Christmas eve. Thanks for the pajamas! I put them on and pictured you all in yours! I love you all so much! Happy new year from the MTC and happy birthday grandpa gary!!! Thanks for everything! Tell g and g I got their package and LOVE the necklaces. Read D&C 31:3. It's how I was when I got my flight plan! Love you mom! Talk to you in a week! :)

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