Monday, January 25, 2010

It's warmed up!

Hey family!

My prayers are being answered! It hasn't snowed for 4 days! It's been raining all day today so that means snow is probably just around the corner but it's been sooooo nice not having to layer as much this past week. It even reached in the 30's!

Dan's baptism was on Friday night! Ah it was soooo wonderful. I am such a baby but I cry at every baptism. The spirit is so strong and it's just amazing to see how hard these people work to get to this point. I feel so blessed to be able to witness the Lord's work. Dan has just radiated light ever since he's been reading the book of mormon. He got baptized by William Shum (a fellowshipper from the student branch). Brother Shum had come teaching with us almost every time we taught Dan. They are both Asian so it was just perfect. Dan loves Brother Shum and now I feel like we might have over did the fellowshipping. Dan won't leave him alone. He sits by him in every class at church and gets a ride with him to the branch fhe and other activites. Ha ha. It's awesome. I made the programs for the baptism. That was fun. Sister Stewart and I had the opportunity to share some teaching moments we had with Dan and bear our testimonies while he was changing out of his wet clothes. The refreshments were egg rolls. I was laughing all night. Dan is just so happy. He asked Brother Shum if he could be held under the water for a long time so he could pray and make sure he is forgiven of all his sins. Isn't that really neat? He wasn't kept under long though, just the normal amount. When he came out of the water he looked out at everyone watching and gave a big grin and waved. Everyone giggled. He's just been so happy. He is all interested in serving a mission. The branch traveled to Palmyra Saturday and Dan got to see the Sacred Grove. I love that our new converts get to go see that. One of our investigators, Evan (a Cornell student) also went. I can't wait to ask Evan about it. He wasn't at church yesterday though. Bummer. Dan recieved the gift of the holy ghost yesterday too. The branch gave him a new set of scriptures to congratulate him. Dan just had the desire to live god's commandments since we started meeting. We gave him the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet and asked him to read the Honesty section. The next day we met we asked him how it went. He said, "I read the whole book". He went on to say, "I deleted all my music off my ipod (except 4 songs) and threw away my gangster looking clothes. I need to go shopping now." Ha ha. He stopped drinking coffee right after we taught him the Word of Wisdom. I just love seeing how the Lord prepares people for us. It makes it so easy. So he's the newest member of the Cornell Branch.

As far as the Cornell ward goes, we set two more people for baptism! We have 5 preparing for February baptism. That makes for busy weeks because we have to make sure to teach them all the lessons before their baptisms. Two single mothers and 3 children. One of the mothers (Tracey) we dropped (meaning we stopped teaching her). All of a sudden three people in the ward called us about her. It felt like we needed to start teaching her again. We prayed and felt like we should. Little did we know she has stopped drinking and smoking and was preparing for baptism on her mom's birthday (February 18th). She's come to church since October every week, we just didn't think she was progressing. We need to be more faithful with our investigators! They are amazing.

Well, I'm gonna send this so I can send a couple pictures! I'm sorry I didn't comment to anything in your email! I love hearing about everything at home! Good luck Elder Miller! the NYUM rocks!!!! Can't wait for you to get here!

Em, thanks for your package! You are soooooo sweet!!!!

I love you all!

Sister Zwick

p.s. Dad, I'm glad the talk went good! You're awesome! Love you!

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