Monday, January 11, 2010

The hills are alive with the sound of scripture!

Hello from Ithaca Zwick family!

I'm here in the mission field and it's been a really spiritual first week. I know I'll always remember this first week because I can still remember being at home and compare it to being a missionary. Dad told me that I'll feel the spirit stronger than any other time in my life throughout my mission and I now have a testimony of that. The Lord blesses us with his spirit so that through us he can touch others.

I feel at home here and have fallen in love with everything except the cool breezes. It's really cold.

Ithaca is spelled with an "a" not an "i". I've been spelling it wrong. Ha ha embarrassing. I found that out the day I got here.

My companion has been here in Ithaca 6 months and out in the field 10 months. She's intense, but I love her. She's a really hard worker. President told me she's the hardest worker in the mission, out of sisters and elders. He said, "Don't be afraid to tell her to slow down if you can't keep up." But I think it's good for me. She has truly helped me get oriented to this area and the mission. I feel so blessed to have a positive trainer. We love missionary work.

The baptism of Megan Santos was wonderful on Saturday. We'll hopefully set her brother with a date this week.

Planning is intense in the mission field, compared to the MTC. I've realized that by seeking inspiration in planning it puts us in places we need to be, whether we touch the heart of the original person we had planned to meet with, or someone else. Planning is so important in that aspect, having specific places to be at certain times. You never know who you'll run into!

I got to commit my first investigator to be baptized! It's for January 22nd. This is the story...We were at the bus stop after teaching a recent convert and ran into Dan (an investigator). We had gone over to Dan's place a couple times this past week, but he wasn't there. He was getting on the same bus we were and we talked with him and set up a time to come by and teach him. He was on his way to register for classes. We got off at the same stop and said we'd see him next Wednesday. We sat on the bench and made a few phone calls and ten minutes later we saw Dan again! He told us the place to register was closed, and asked what we were doing. I told him we were going to teach someone about temples. He said, "You have never taught me about temples." We felt like Dan really wanted us to teach him right then and there. We asked if he'd want to learn more about temples. He was so excited and said, "YES. Now?" We went inside the library and taught him about temples and the steps to get there (baptism being one). Dan asked what he needed to do to get baptized! He has already been to church twice. I committed my first investigator (dan) to baptism! He's looking forward to getting baptized January 22nd. I know the Lord places people prepared for baptism in our path as long as we follow the spirit in planning. I love this work and love the people of Ithaca!

I am so happy to be here! I'll answer all your questions in a letter! I love you all so much! It was so good to talk to you! I hope you have a great week.

Em, I'll reply to your email in a letter.

Happy Birthday Parker!!!!

Sister Zwick

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