Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland!

Hey family!

I'm in the mission office right now and President gave us a minute to send a quick email home. We got here safetly! Last night our plane got in like an hour late. We flew into a blizzard and it's been snowing ever since. It's not as cold as everyone says! :) It's a lot like Utah coldness but a few more feet of snow. I LOVE President and Sister Bulloch so much already! They remind me of Uncle Bill and Aunt Carolee. He's really on top of things and so loving. Last night we (us 6 newbies and the AP's and the president and wife) went out to eat for pizza then drove to Utica, about an hour away from the airport and slept in the mission home. The mission home is a really nice house, I was surprised. I'll take a picture or two. Everywhere you look is white. President said, "As you can see the field is white already to harvest". It's true. They baptized 83 in the past 6 months! This mission is really baptizing a lot. I get to see a baptism on Saturday I think my companion said! A young girl she's taught. We're going to teach her brother tonight. He's 10, and hopefully get him a baptismal date. My companion also went to BYU. Her name is Sister Stewart, from San francisco area. Everyone in the mission LOVES her. I already do. She's soooooo smiley and talkative. We're going to get a lot of good things done. My first area is in Ithica! It's the southeast part of the mission. We get to cover Cornell university grounds and be over both a single's branch and a home ward. My companion has been here since July. I already love her. We see the same on a lot of things. I'll be able to write more on Pday, Monday. Just wanted to tell you I got here safe and I love all of you so much! It was so great to hear your voices yesterday! We just had a transfer meeting and lunch. I met a lot of new missionaries. Every missionary is so nice. We have so many good ones here in "the best mission in the world." ha ha. Now off to Ithica with my companion! Gotta get to work! Talk to you soon.

Love, Sister Zwick

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