Monday, February 1, 2010

February already?

Hey Mom!
Thank you so much for the package! I feel so supported out here with prayers, letters, and even packages. Thank you! Ash, I loved the Sadies pictures! Oh my, you are on Matt Boarden’s back! Oooo la la. Are you dating!? Catch your sister up!
Mom, your MBA stuff sounds so hard. That’s way awesome you are working to get that though. Don’t worry about sending me packages and letters. Your emails are good enough. That way you will have more time to do your school stuff. I have thought about school since we associate with many students around here. I really want to get my Masters too. And I’ve been thinking about doing Psychology or Social Work instead of El Ed. But I will decide that later on. The reason I brought it up was because sometimes as a missionary I feel like a social worker and I love it. It’s hard but so rewarding to help people.
I LOVE THE COMFORTER! Ralph Lauren? Mom! You are too good to me. Thank you so much. It’s really soft. So yes, I finally got it. I was planning on getting it at Zone Conference and the night before while Sister Stewart and I were planning we got a call from the A.P.’s. They’re like, “Sister Zwick, we have a surprise for you, come outside.” We ran out and they were holding the comforter. It finally was found. They said, “We were going to just give it to you tomorrow at Zone Conferences but wanted you to sleep soundly tonight.” I sleep soundly every night, but it was really nice of them to bring it by. Thanks mom. I love it.
Dad, Thanks for your email. I just love hearing from you guys. I didn’t hear about the Elders in Romania! That is so sad. What were those names? I’m not allowed to read the article you emailed, mom, so email me their names. I may know the one from LP.
I’m so happy you invited Andrew to dinner! I remember that one night he came to eat Sunday dinner and everyone was arguing about that girl I let stay with us. Ha ha. I’m glad it went better than that time. It’s probably because I wasn’t there to bring the drama. I’m glad he showed you the picture of my companion and I. I had only printed off one. Sorry. I’m getting more today and I’ll mail them to you!
Tell everyone in the family they can email me because that’s probably easier than writing a handwritten letter. Even if it’s a long email, it’s okay because we can print them off here at the library. Then I can take it home and give a handwritten response. I haven’t heard one word from Annie, not that she needs to write me, but is she okay? I think about her a TON and love and miss her and her kids. Have her email me a line or two if she has time.
The work is still going great! I just love missionary work. I feel soooooo lucky to be here and see the gospel change lives, mine and theirs. I’ll tell you a little bit about this week…
Zone Conference was on Wednesday. It was so fun to be around other missionaries! Elder West is in my Zone, so tell Sam. We got a picture together I’ll send soon. My district had to sing a musical number. We sang “Come thou fount.” We even broke it down to solos and stuff. It was really pretty. The two Ithaca Elders and Sister Stewart and I also sang it in Sacrament meeting yesterday in both the ward and branch. The focus of Zone Conference was the Book of Mormon. President said, “Before we’re done there will be so much evidence that this book is true that only an idiot can deny it.” Ha ha. I LOVE PRESIDENT! He went into the semetic language…comparing it to the Bible proving that it was written by ancient prophets, not Joseph Smith. He also talked about a wordprint study which is a statistical study done on writing styles and that it has proven that Joseph Smith could not have written it. He also pointed out D&C 17:6. It’s where the Lord bears testimony of the BOM. He said, “It’s the only book on the face of the planet that the Lord bears testimony of. YOU ARE ON SOLID GROUND. THE BOOK IS TRUE.” He said as missionaries, we will take flack for being representatives of Jesus Christ, just count on it. Everyone who has ever born witness of the Savior has taken flack for it, but we are called and set apart to do it and the Lord is on our side. I have so much more to write but my time is up! I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know it with all my heart. I want to flood Ithaca with it. We are giving them out like crazy and our investigators are gaining testimonies of it being another testament of Jesus Christ. We have a loving Savior. He is with us as we share his message.
Our 5 who are working for baptism are still set! February is a great month for missionary work here! I’m doing great. It’s cold. Back to single digit mornings and at night but the work is going forward. I love you fam!

P.s. Happy birthday Stace! And TRISH, YOU ARE GOING ON A MISSION TOO!!!??? I LOVED YOUR LETTER! You will love this!

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