Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"..be the light of this people..." 3 Nephi 11:13


I'm here to stay for another 6 weeks!!!!  I am soooooooooo HAPPY!  Seriously!  Every so often I think, I wonder if President Bulloch will leave me here for my whole mission.  I wouldn't be opposed to it.  I love the people here.  It feels so right to stay.

There is going to be an odd number of Sisters this transfer.  A few weeks ago at interviews President Bulloch asked if there was enough work going on in the area to put another Sister here.  I told him there was.  We have great investigators and so many potentials to follow up with, as well as recent converts that still need strengthening.  So guess what?  We are getting another Sister in the area!  She comes tomorrow.  This morning we set up the three beds in the little room!  Sunday at church we sent around a list asking when members could come out with us.  We are going to organize splits.  One of us will go with the member and then the other two will go to other appointments.  We'll be able to get double the amount of work done in the area this transfer.  I'm really looking forward to it!

Xun and his family leave in ten days.  It's sad because they are struggling with drinking tea.  They will not be able to be baptized before they return to China, but I know that someday they will be.  We've taught them all the lessons and they know its true.  Satan uses addictions to distract people from achieving what Heavenly Father knows they need.  Tea drinking is huge in the Chinese culture.  No effort is wasted though.  They'll return to China with Books of Mormons and testimonies of living the gospel.  It'll only be a matter of time until missionaries are there and Xun decides he can give up tea.

This week we were in Syracuse on Monday night and Tuesday while Sister Stewart and the departing missionaries went to Palmyra with President and Sister Bulloch.  We worked with Sister Livermore and went around as a three-some.  It was fun.  She let me extend a baptismal date to Karison (one of their investigators) who Sister Stewart and I met and taught one day I was on exchange there.  They have worked with him ever since and so it was neat to see his growth and he accepted the invitation to be baptized.  Great things are happening all across New York!  Then Wednesday the Syracuse Sisters came here and we blitzed the area.  We got so many lessons taught, and Sister Stewart was able to say good-bye to those she knew here.  She goes home tomorrow! 

I am out of time.  I love the Lord and know this work is true, and run by revelation.  That becomes more true to me every day when I see that Heavenly Father really needs me right here in Ithaca.  We are his hands here with a mandate to serve.  Keep being diligent in your callings.  

Love you!
Sister Zwick

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