Monday, July 26, 2010

"Now if a man desired to serve God, it was his privelege;..."-Alma 30:9

Great things are happening!  I LOVE THIS soooooooo much!

Last Tuesday Amanda Li set her baptism date.  She wants to be baptized on August 14th!  Exciting huh!?!?!  She is so happy about it.  She already told us she's been inviting all her friends.  Her husband is traveling a couple days distance to meet Elder Cheng, the area authority in China to figure out how he can be baptized.  He's meeting him August 4th in Beijing.  Sweet huh? 

Last night she invited us and a couple in the Ward (her fellowshippers) over for traditional Chinese food.  She told us we could invite friends, so we invited the Senior couple from Bountiful, Elder and Sister Wood.  She didn't have utensils and we were all sitting there struggling to eat it with the chopsticks.  It was really funny, especially when Sister Cox dropped a piece of tofu in her water cup.  The highlight though was when she bore her testimony to Elder and Sister Wood.  She said, "I feel so happy now that I know this is the true church."  Then Elder Wood was saying a few things and then Amanda looked over and said, "I love Sista Zweek."  It was sooo cute.  I was like, "I love you too Amanda."  I felt bad because she didn't say it to my companion!  Then she told Elder Wood, "I always have so many questions and Sista Zweek gives me answers and I feel better."  It was cool because I never thought I answered any of her questions.  It didn't seem like she asked too many throughout the weeks teaching her.  But then it hit me, I'm sure Heavenly Father gave me the words to say, not even knowing her concerns.  I told her that it wasn't me but that it was the Spirit.  And she agreed.  She always puts her hand over her heart and says she feels so happy to know the church is true.  It's just amazing to see people grow from being touched by the Spirit.  Yesterday in Relief Society during the announcements she leaned over to me and asked if she could say that she was being baptized.  I said, "Of course, they'd love to hear."  So I raised my hand and said, "Amanda has exciting news she'd like to share."  And then she announced it.  The women in the ward love her.  She's so smiley.  I love her too.

I just never thought I'd love the people on my mission like I do.  I never want to leave them, ever.  Xun's family is doing great.  His son, Lu is on fire.  We're planning on setting him with a date this week.

Last Friday was Sister Cox's return and report in Utica, along with the other missionaries being trained.  President Bulloch shared some neat stories.  I love being around him.  He also came down and interviewed sister cox and i on Saturday.  He has missionaries teach him and Sister Bulloch the first lesson and was really impressed with Sister Cox and I which was good to hear.  The spirit was there even though it was a mock-lesson.  It was cool.

Well, I have to go.  We find out Saturday about transfers.  I get sick to think about leaving the people I've helped here.  They are like my family.  I can feel Heavenly Father's love for them so strongly.  I'd do anything for them.  Well, I hope you have a good week.  I love and miss you.

p.s. Next week pday is Tuesday, not monday, so don't be expecting my email until Tuesday.

Love you guys!

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