Monday, August 30, 2010

"..we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in."-Alma 26:37

School started on Wednesday for Cornell and Ithaca College.  There are so many students around, and they are all "busy and never home."  But, we are continuing to pray and the Lord continues to bless us!  

Kennedy and Adalena (the couple from Manaus) are so golden.  I wish that Jeff was there during the lessons.  He'd love them.  On Wednesday night we had this member come with us who served his mission in Brazil.  His brother in law is actually an Elder in our mission (Elder Lewis) so he's really willing to help with the work here in the Utica mission.  They enjoy speaking English but when they can't explain their point well, they say it in Portugese and Brother Lewis reiterates it to us.  They told us that there in Manaus, they live 4 blocks away from the chapel!  They said they have never gone because no one has invited them.  Then they said they see the missionaries every day and they said they're always sweating.  ha ha.  It's pretty sweet that the church is that close to their house.  It's also interesting they had to come to America to be exposed to the gospel.  This past weekend they went to visit Washington D.C. and asked if we knew of a church address by the hotel they were staying at.  Brother Lewis got on their internet and helped them find the nearest one.  We are anxious to hear how it went.  I love seeing their dedication to church already.  We told them about the D.C. temple and they wanted to go there too.  So hopefully it all worked out.

Yesterday at church Amanda was glowing.  She LOVED the temple.  She went with some members on Saturday.  We met with her after church and had a short lesson.  I love hearing recent convert's testimonies.  They get so excited about the little things.  We really take the little things for granted.  She talked about the temple being white and feeling pure there.  She was baptized for ten people.  She was really excited because she was able to be baptized for a few of Brother Lowe's (the ward mission leader's) ancestors.  She wants to do her mom's temple work.  She said she felt like those she got baptized for were happy with her for helping them.  I miss the temple soooo much.  But there is so much joy in helping people get there and hearing their testimonies of it!

We found three new investigators this week.  It'll be fun to see things progress with each of them.  I love being in a threesome because we have been going on splits with ward members and as a result, finding more people, teaching more lessons, building member trust, and having member present lessons.  It's been wonderful.

Time is short so I have to go.  It is getting cooler weather-wise.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  It means winter is just around the corner, and my year mark.  Time is just flying.  It makes me want to give more and more of myself to the people here.  It's going really fast.

Well, I love you!  I'll reply to your email in my letter I write today.  Have a good week!

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