Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay, so I'm kind of scatter brained right now because I think I just lost my wallet, on our way to the library.  I know--BAD.  The lady looked up my library card number and I'm just emailing you while I'm here and then we're going to back track to every place we've gone today.  Some things don't change.  ha ha.  I wanted to email you pictures too and my camera is in the bag with my wallet.  oops.  

It's so funny because Ashley, Matt's and Em's emails are like, "I feel so bad I haven't written you in awhile..."  They all say that.  Guys, don't worry about it at all.  You're so nice to even feel bad!  Thanks for the emails.  I love you all and I'll handwrite you back today.  I'm hard to keep up with huh?  ;)

This past week was really hot.  Wednesday and Thursday it was in the triple digits and 90% humidity.  I was happy last email because it was in the low 90's, but once it gets into the high 90's and 100's, it's really tiring being out in it all day.  However, I'm happy and the work goes on!  I try to think about the early saints on their trek West in all sorts of weather conditions and don't feel sorry for myself.  When things are hard I usually end up laughing a lot too...just because I look so sweaty and we're always running from one place to the next because of those people who talk our ears off.  And on top of that we usually both have to go to the bathroom and it just makes things exciting.  Sister Cox HATES running.  I laugh, not necessarily at her but just because I look at my watch, look at her and she's like, "What?  We have to run?"  And I say, "Yep" with a smile and she gives me this glare like, "You are kidding me."  Ha ha.  Wednesday we were almost late to the bus that takes us to the church for a meeting because we cut it too close and we had to run to the bus, then to the church, and we were sooooo wet, and I had to give a training.  I apologized for my appearance right when I stood up there and all the elders just started laughing.  I had sweat marks from my backpack and on my rib cage.  It was really cute!

Oh my, Amanda was at church again yesterday!  She is doing so good.  She's so happy.  She told us yesterday that she skypes with her husband and daughter who are in China and teaches them what she learned after our lessons.  Isn't that cool?  Last Tuesday we invited her to be baptized and she said, "July seems too soon."  So we asked her to pray about a date that she feels more comfortable with.  As we talked more about the blessings of baptism and the gift of the holy ghost she looked at us with tears in her eyes and said, "If I do get baptized, how do I stay clean in China?"  It was soooo sad!  I wish so much that the church was there.  But good news: Brother Watson was with us and noticed her concern.  He went home, did research, and found a branch near her hometown there.  She gave him a huge hug when he told her.  We're teaching her again tomorrow night and we've been praying so hard for her to receive a witness that she should go forth and get baptized.  The problem is, with Xun Dai, we've had the same conversations, and his Chinese fellowshipper in the Branch said they only have ex-pat wards/branches there, meaning, if you are a Chinese citizen, you cannot attend.  We're unsure what information is correct and keep encouraging Xun Dai and Amanda to move forward with faith.  In the July ensign there is an article about "Filling all Nations"  I didn't even know that President Monson emphasized that this month.  It's been fun to read having Amanda and Xun on my mind.  I feel kind of guilty because not until now have I really prayed for countries to be opened to the preaching of the gospel.  When China does open though, it's going to boom.  I have met so many Chinese here who just love the gospel.

All the recent converts are doing good.  I love love love being in an area to see those I found and taught grow and blossom.  The gospel of Jesus Christ truly makes people happy!  Dan went to the Palmyra pagaent with the YSA.  That's going on right now.  They slept over at the Temple President and wife's home afterwards.  I was thinking how cool it would've been if it were still Aunt Wendy and Uncle Brent!  The YSA also did baptisms at midnight to 2 am in the palmyra temple.  Cool huh?  It's like it was a big party in there.  It sounded fun.

I did get Adam and Lindsey's wedding announcement.  Thanks shauna!  Congrats Adam!  Well, I have to go.  I love you all and miss you like crazy.  It's getting long huh?  ha ha.  I love it though.

I love you!

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