Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sorry, Late!

Hey Mom!
You're probably freaking because I didn't write you on Monday.  It was Memorial Day and as you figured, the libraries were closed.  Then yesterday we were just busy busy and couldn't find a slot to fit in email time.  However, I am alive and happy, so have no fear.  Haha.
We just got back into town from a Zone Conference.  I love Zone Conferences because of the strength it is to be around other missionaries.  There is such power in a group like that bearing testimony and sharing experiences.  And then to top it off we have President Bulloch, who is a former religious professor at SUU.  It made for a very inspiring and uplifting day.  I always get back from those just so rejuvinated, like nothing can bring me down.  ha ha.  The theme was: Understanding and Teaching the Doctrine of Christ, (which is essentially our purpose, stated in PMG, to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel...) by using the scriptures and the spirit.  It was really good and I'll write home more about it.
Well, it sounds like the Jergensen farewell and homecoming were great!  I wish I was there for that hour to hear them all speak and then I'd come back to New York.  Too bad we don't get little vacays like that.  ha ha.  Welcome home Jase!  I love you and this work is wonderful!  I'm really sorry you're home.  ha ha.  That must stink.  I have just fallen in love with this calling and there is nothing that makes me more happier.  I can't even imagine ever having to take off my name tag.  Luckily I don't have to for awhile.  But I am proud of you and know you touched many people's lives there in England.  Now go help your parents out in Iowa!  They will be just so awesome!
A couple things I need: Em and Chad's new address, and steph's address.  Em, I just sent you a letter but mailed it to Mom, so mom, forward it to her asap.
I'll tell you a couple things that have made this past week a week of miracles:
We had planned to see a former investigator because we were in the area, but he wasn't home.  But as we were walking away from his house, we heard something in some trees.  We are like dogs I swear, our ears perk up at any noise.  Any opportunity to talk to someone new is what we look for.  So we get around the trees and see 3 hispanics sitting in their front yard, watching tv.  ha ha (I know, weird!)  They started speaking spanish and my senora schwarz spanish class vocab didn't get us very far.  Right then a woman walked past and said hello to them.  She was American, and her name is Claire.  She went on to tell us she speaks both english and spanish.  We told her we wanted to watch this DVD (the restoration DVD- in spanish, that I luckily had in my bag).  The Lord truly put her in our path to help us translate to them.  Claire sat there with us and we all enjoyed the restoration DVD.  They LOVED IT!  They all came to church on Sunday, and Saturday we called all the RM's in the ward who served spanish speaking missions.  The whole ward was stoked and spanish was being spoke all through the chapel.  We had another lesson with them yesterday and brought Sister Halcomb (a native guatemalan).  Since they're from Guatemala it was a miracle!  They were kissing her cheeks and just thanking us from the bottom of their hearts for all we've brought to them.  I know God led us to that street for them and that Sister Halcomb's fellowship was also inspired by him.  Sister Halcomb loves them and keeps calling us to see what more she can do! 
I'm almost out of time but one more thing is that we met a guy this week who already has a testimony of Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon!  WHAT!?!?!  Seriously!!!  He met with missionaries in Lions (supposedly near palmyra) years ago but was never baptized.  It was a blessing that the Lord put him in our path too.
I just know that this is the most important work.  I know God loves all of his children.  They chose his plan before they came here and it is up to us, who have testimonies to help them feel of His love and the great plan He has for them.  I love the Savior and know he is with us, even when we don't feel like he is.
I love you and miss you, but know this is exactly where God needs me.  Keep fulfilling your callings.  He needs us!
Have a great week!
Love, Sister Zwick

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