Monday, June 28, 2010

Pray for China!

Hey everyone!
Sounds like the summer is fun and crazy.  Before I forget, good luck to you this week Sister Stevens!  The MTC is wonderful and the field is even better.  You will literally be the tool Heavenly Father uses to help people there in Boston return home to live happily.  People will thank you for your service and for teaching them these eternal principles that will bring them joy far beyond their imaginations.  Congratulations on being worthy and willing to sacrifice 18 months to serve the Lord and people there.  You will come to love Him and those you serve more than anyone or anything.  I thank God for letting me have this experience every morning and night.  It's so worth it.  You will learn to recognize the spirit and it will bless you for your whole life.  I can't imagine not having learned what I've learned in this short time.  I am so grateful for this opportunity.
 Also, congratulations Elder Wallace on your mission call!  Guadalajara Mexico will be blessed because they're receiving a tremendous missionary!
 Mom, Happy Birthday this week!  I love you and I'll be thinking about you on your birthday!  How old are you turning ;)  I love that you and Dad can never remember.  ha ha.
 Well, things are going well.  I got a new companion and we're moving this P-day and next, to a new apartment :)  The mission office has been asking us to find one for about a year.  No sister cared though because we're usually only in an area for a couple months, I really wanted out of our place though.  It's so bad.  When I got Sister Johnston as a companion and she was going home the next month, I knew I'd be staying in Ithaca and got really motivated to find a place.  The mission office approved it, so it'll take lots of sorting and cleaning out of sister's thing out of this apartment to finally get over there.  Just imagine, an accumulation of stuff missionaries have left for 8 years.  I've been dumping a lot!
 On Wednesday we went to Utica to "Transfer Meeting" where most of the missionaries who are gettting a new companion meet and have lunch and swap companions.  It's always fun to see old friends.  My new companion came straight from the MTC.  Her name is Sister Cox, from Lehi, Utah.
 It was sad to say bye to Sister Johnston, but good to have a change, like always.  President Bulloch took all the trainers in for a meeting and told us, "If you make your companions just like you, I'll be satisfied."  He said before he picks the new a.p., zone leaders, or district leaders, he picks the trainers.  There were 10 new missionaries and he told us the new missionaries and us make up about 20% of the missionaries and that we can have a dramatic impact on the culture of the mission. 
 I've tried to set the bar high because I know how she's trained will impact the type of missionary she is her whole 18 months.  I was trained by a wonderful missionary and got to see her on Wednesday. :)  I am so grateful for President's inspiration.  I know he lives close to the spirit and that we are put with our companions for a reason.  I know I can learn a lot from sister cox.
 Two of our most progressing investigators are from china and will be returning in the coming year.  They are worried that if they get baptized that they won't be able to live their covenant there.  We're putting a lot of emphasis on the eternal significance of the ordinance this week and they're continuing to pray and seek for answers.  I love how diverse it is here.
 Well, I have to go but I love you and love the lord, this work, and the people in Ithaca.
Happy birthday mom!  Have a great week everyone!  Thanks for the emails and prayers

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