Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you

Mom and Dad and Family,

Thank you! I feel so blessed to be born into a family who is so supportive of everything I do. I can't imagine not getting emails and supportive words through your letters and emails. You are just the best. I don't know what I did in the Pre-earth life to be able to be sent to you but man, I lucked out. Thank you for your prayers. I wake up energized and so excited to go out to work and I know it's not coming from my own prayers and strength, but from your prayers on my behalf. I know Heavenly Father hears our prayers, every single one. And he answers too. I love prayers.

Well, I think I told you in my last email that we are teaching mainly adults, but i lied. Ha ha. No, I just wasn't too exact. We have Tracey's (the woman who got baptized in February) boys in our teaching pool. Good ol' Joey and Jimmy. Jimmy is doing soooooo good. We have family home evening with Tracey because she's a single mom and has her hands full with three active little boys. We try to help her invite the spirit, and it's so cute to see her teach them. It warms my heart to watch someone I taught teach her boys. They love Monday nights. We talk to Tracey during the week and plan out the lesson, and then us missionaries and Tracey with help from the boys have a little FHE lesson. Dad, too bad they don't have you to do the classic, "I'd like to welcome everyone to family night tonight." Or to turn the time over to Mom for family business who would then pull out the calendar and take an hour talking us about upcoming events. ha ha. I do miss that! Seriously. Family nights were the best. The boys are doing so good and Jimmy loves Primary. Yesterday at the church he came running down the hall, "Sisters!!!" And showed us this picture he drew in primary. All the kids call us "The Sisters" I love it. Good news though! Jimmy asked us last Monday night if he can get baptized. He didn't want to for so long and now he does! I think kids in his primary class have helped him want to. So, he's getting baptized this weekend. Aw, he's so cute. I can't wait. I'll send pictures next Monday.

Jeff, Mike, and Steph, I got the graduation announcements. Sad, I thought they were letters. ha ha. No worries. Congrats guys! I can't believe 3 people in our family are graduating from the Y. Sorry Dad, not too much red going on any more. It was kind of sad to see the graduation announcements though because I used to see Jeff and Steph on campus and now I'll be there alone. Wait, Jeff you're doing your masters there... so you'll still be there in like 14 months right? Also, Happy Birthday to you! A little something something is on it's way in the mail.

Our investigators are doing soooooo good. I am so happy with them. I'm gonna tell you a quick story. We do weekly service and one day we served food at this Catholic Church. It was like 2 months ago. We were wiping tables after everyone finished eating and this guy looked familiar. I didn't know if we had talked to him before or what, but the spirit wouldn't stop nagging me. The problem is, we can't preach to people in or around a Catholic or any other type of church. I just went up to him and said, "Do I know you?" He's like, "I don't think so." So I apologized, introduced myself and then he asked about my nametag. YES! We love when people do that. I told him what we do and then he told me he lived across from Palmyra temple but didn't ever find out too much about the church. So I bore testimony to him, and he wanted to meet and learn more. We've now been teaching him since then and we'll be setting him with a date soon. I know that the Spirit leads and guides us to good things when we listen to it.

Sorry my emails are all over the place. I love you fam. I miss you and think about you often, but have no doubt this is where the Lord wants me to be. Keep magnifying your callings. The church needs, God needs us, and our willingness to serve is a reflection of our dedication to the Lord. I know it's true.

p.s.Welcome home Josh Burnham! Congrats on a wonderful and successful mission!

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