Monday, April 26, 2010

New York is rainy and green! :)

Hey guys!


Well first off congratulations to everyone!  Man, BYU graduations, YW medallions, and 1st place in the choir competition!  You'd think I'd be really sad to miss all of that, but sorry, I'm not.  ha ha.  I do miss you guys, but it's not too bad.  Only two more Sundays until Matty's birthday and the Mother's Day call, Mom!  Wahoo!  I have a lot of funny stories to tell you.  It will be great to talk.  Tell Ash I loved the Prom pictures.  You looked gorgeous Hashla!  I hope Boston was fun!  You can email me about it.


Saturday little Jimmy got baptized.  Oh my gosh, you would all just love him.  He walked into the church and ran up to us and gave us big hugs.  He was so excited!  He was dancing all around with Sister Hacking.  We let him pick between the pant suit and white sweat pants.  I was so mad he picked the sweat pants.  ha ha.  They looked cute though.  He kept saying, "Do you think God is smiling for me?"  Isn't that so cute?  We got pictures so I'll hurry and type this and then send some.  The spirit was so strong at the baptism.  I've never felt Heavenly Father's love for his children like I have here on my mission.  It has no bounds.  I've been so blessed to be able to feel that.  One wonderful thing that happened at the baptism was Joey (Jimmy's 12 year old older brother) leaned over to Sister Hacking and I and said, "Can I get baptized next Saturday?"  ha ha.  He's not quite ready yet but might be in a couple of weeks.  We're going to set him with a date tonight when we go over and do family home evening.  We're playing bula bula (that game is sooo sweet) and teaching about the Holy Ghost.  It was so cute to see Joey want to help Jimmy with everything.  He literally walked him down into the water.  He was so excited for his brother.  I felt bad because I know Joey wants to be baptized too.  He just hasn't been around the past few lessons.  Yesterday was the confirmation and Joey walked Jimmy up to the front of the church and got to hold the microphone during the blessing.  In the pictures I'm attaching, Joey is in the muscle tank.  ha ha.  Their mom has brought them to church for months and he goes to scouts.  Joey's really close to being ready.  We're going to set him with a date tonght and hopefully in a few Saturdays he'll be able to be baptized too.  It's been wonderful to see this family do a complete 180.  The spirit is now in their home, and their mother (baptized in February) has helped her boys strengthen their testimonies of gospel truths.  Sister missionaries have worked with the boys for over a year, and they've been dropped and picked back up over and over again.  Sister Hacking and I have finally seen them grasp things.  They are so much sweeter to each other and their mother.  They pray as a family.  We do family home evening with them Monday nights and they can hardly wait until Monday nights.  They used to swear and be so rough with each other.  It was hard to ever get a lesson in, but now they live for the lessons.  They have anger management but it seems like it's subsided.  It's amazing what the Lord can do with people.  Well, I have to go but I love this quote in PMG... the one by Elder Packer that says, "True Doctrine, understood changes attitudes and behavior.  The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior."  I've seen that with this family.  I just love seeing the change wrought in people's hearts.  They're actions then are affected by their inward desire to do good.  They're such great little boys and it's been so fun working with them.   


We're also setting Eric (age 22) with a date this week.  I'll write home and tell you more about him.  


Great things are happening.  I don't want to leave this area because all these people we've found and have been working with are going to enter the waters of baptism this spring and summer.  The Lord is blessing us.  I know that with his help we can do all things.   


I sure do miss and love you!  Thanks for everything!

Have a great week!  xoxo


Sister Zwick


P.s. Us and the Elders are doing a "Dan Jones" (wales missionary on the soap box) thing on thursday on cornell campus.  I'll take pictures.  It'll be sweet. 

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