Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet is the work!

Mom, Dad, and Family,

Oh myyyy goodness, Heavenly Father is truly blessing us. He loves missionary work. He really does. I cannot even count how many times I've had impressions to do things here that are from him, and have brought forth good outcomes. Yesterday we had six investigators at church, SIX!!!! Oh my, I was so happy. I'm still feeling the effects from it, just grinning from ear to ear. This work brings the greatest happiness, helping people find joy, not just joy today, but everlasting, eternal happiness. This gospel is the answer to gaining happiness. Sharing it brings so much happiness. I just never thought my mission would make me feel like this. I LOVE these people so so much. SO MUCH. It's so crazy. I just want them to have everything I have, know everything I know, and feel everything I feel. I know that as we help them by prayerfully extending commitments, they will be able to have, know, and feel all that I do. They have so much potential and the Lord has gifts in store for them. I love telling them that. I love telling them that they have a Father in heaven who loves them and is aware of them. They look at me like they've never heard it before, and sometimes I just want to cry because they probably haven't... It's then I realize I am an instrument in His hands. What I do and say with the people here does matter.

Our teaching pool is amazing! I am so happy about it because every one is 20 or older. We are working with parents and young adults who can get sealed in the temple and have a positive affect their families forever! Every Thursday we do our weekly planning and pray for each person we're teaching so that we can help them move towards baptism and the temple. We then listen to the spirit as we talk about each person and their needs. I love extending commitments and seeing people grow from them. They are all gaining their own testimonies by simply our invitation! We have prayed for loose tongues and the spirit so hard and it has worked. The spirit has led us to people truly prepared and searching!!! As our weekly planning session came to a close we just marveled and talked about our teaching pool. I have never had a teaching pool filled of such solid people. I can honestly see each of them making their way towards baptism this transfer or next.

It feels so good to prayerfully plan for them because we have been inspired. And I didn't think it was inspiration until I began to see the effects. They are all understanding, questioning, and trusting us. The commitments we have extended to them have built their faith and trust in Heavenly Father to hear and answer their prayers. It's been cool because as we have gained their trust and respect they have given us their friends as refferals. They have began sharing the message too, because they love it so much!

Dan went and did baptisms at the Palmyra temple Saturday with people in the branch. He loved it. It makes me so happy to know he liked it. He comes teaching with us occassionally and is all pumped about going on a mission! He's going to go in about a year.

Tim loved conference Saturday but couldn't make it to the Sunday session. He called us Tuesday and asked how he could watch the Sunday's sessions. He's a single dad of two. We'll hopefully set him with a baptismal date in the next couple weeks.

Lisa is lesbian and we haven't talked about the law of chastity yet. She knows this is all true and wants to be baptized. :/ Pray for her and for us please to have the spirit with us this week as we teach her.

There are big barriers with those we're teaching, but we know Heavenly Father will help them. Things such as homosexuality, drugs, crimes, lots that has to be sorted out before baptism, but it's EXCITING! I love it.

Well, I love you so much guys. I do miss you but I love helping these people and showing them God's love. Mom, I loved the temple memory. I think about the temple every day. I can't wait to go back with you.

I love you all so much! I'll write you today!

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  1. Hi Tia...
    You don't know me but I just find your blog and decided write. I like to say... how beutiful is
    the missionary work.
    I'm from Brazil, and I am in the Church since 2003, when two missionaries from Salt
    Lake City (Brianne Swanson and Tanna Bourne, today Tanna Fox) rang my doorbell in São Paulo, Brazil. since that day I and my son have a blessed life.
    Good luck for you and for sure, you are in the right way.
    Alessandra Milauskas