Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In addition to yesterday's email...

Hello! I know, weird, it's Tuesday and I'm emailing you! Well, Sister Hacking didn't take the mandatory urvey yesterday and so she called our District Leaders and they found out from President Bulloch that she has to take it by today. I thought I'd write a little more since I was short on time yesterday, as well as print off your emails because the computer shut off before I got to that.
We just finished meeting with Chad here in the library. He's so weird. He really isn't looking for answers. He likes the mysteriousness of why we are here and life after death, but doesn't want to know. We may have to drop him soon...
We have some awesome progressing investigators though!
I want to tell you about an investigator named Lisa we're working with. A couple weeks ago we had a lesson with her and for some reason spent so much time on Prophets, helping her understand their role, modern day revelation, and that they are God's mouthpiece. We didn't quite know why we spent so much time on that and why she had so many questions, but the spirit was really strong and we felt it. We walked away feeling good about the lesson. She said something that kept ringing in my mind, "If I accept these things to be true, I will have to change my life." She has never wanted us to meet her at her home, but only in the library. About an hour after the appointment ended, I had this distinct impression that she might be living a homosexual lifestyle. Sister Hacking had the same impression! We studied homosexuality and came to the conclusion that if she was, or if we meet any more people who are (which we've met SEVERAL), we want them to gain a testimony of the simple truths and that's the only way they'll be able to change their life to live the gospel. We went to our next appointment with her the following week, last Thursday, and believe it or not after the closing prayer she said, "Well ladies, I just need to tell you that I'm Lesbian. When I refer to living with my partner, etc. It's a woman." We calmly said, "That's alright." I know that the Lord prepared me for that. If I hadn't been expecting that, my reaction would not have been good. I thought it was amazing how the Spirit prepared Sister Hacking and I for that.
Tyesha is okay. I haven't seen her yet because we keep dropping by and she's not there. I went on exchanges on Friday night to Saturday, where I switched places with another missionary for the day, so I served in Syracuse with Sister Stewart, and her companion came to Ithaca. It was fun, like old times. When I was gone though, Sister Hacking and the other Sister stopped by Tyesha's. She was home and they said Tyesha told them all these things signifying that she had been fed anti-mormon stuff and that she has decided to go to her Dad's church from here on out. Sister Hacking said, "It's probably good you weren't there Sister Zwick, it would've made you sad." I was bothered inside when I found out they went without me though because I wish I would've seen it. I feel like I could've asked Tyesha questions or cleared things up. I just have to trust that with or without me being there, the same thing would've happened. We'll be by her house tonight. I can't wait to see her. I love and miss her. Her phone STILL isn't working.
Well, I g2g Love you!!!!

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