Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mission Shower!

I am very behind on blogging! I've had a busy couple of weekends traveling, mission shopping, and enjoying great parties like this one I'm about to tell you about! The Legacy Ward Relief Society throws mission showers for any Sisters in the ward prior to leaving on their missions! Isn't that a great tradition? I think it is, probably because I was the one getting showered! :) The food was delectable... garlic bread, lasagna, salad, homemade cheesecake and desserts. And they were so generous to me. The Relief Society in this ward is so talented. There are events almost weekly with delicious treats, decorations, and themes. I have felt so blessed to meet so many of these incredibly talented women. On Saturday November 14th they threw Sister Walton (a Sister in the ward who I know from BYU, who is going to Uraguay) and I a "mission shower". People brought gifts and it was the first time it hit me, what I was doing, going to serve a mission. It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon! My mom shared some stories about me and it was great to have some of my sisters there. Thank you Legacy ward Relief Society!

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