Monday, May 2, 2011

"Let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still..."-D&C 123:7

Hi guys!

Yes! Bin Laden is history! That's pretty exciting, even though we're not supposed to delight in bloodshed. ha ha.

How is everyone!? It sounds like Lizzy's wedding was pretty. I was thinking about her this past weekend and Sister Stacey and I both were hoping you'd send pictures since she knows Tyler. The one outside the temple from your phone was kind of small, Mom. Did anyone take any others?

We're still seeing bed bugs in our apartment but I'm trying to just forget about them. Sister Bulloch should be calling us today about her solutions.

Zone Conference was on Tuesday. It was really really good. President Bulloch taught us about the Abrahamic Covenant and our role and obligation (as Abraham's seed) to take the gospel to the world. It's more important than we realize. It's a covenant we entered into by being a descendant of Abraham, to "bear this ministry and priesthood unto all nations and bless all the families of the earth." (-Abr. 2:9). One thing he said was, "If it's not you who will find His people, someone else will because God has made a promise that all the families of the earth will be blessed with the blessings of the gospel, which are the key to salvation. And God keeps his promises." He needs us though. He needs MORE missionaries and more member missionary work. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of moving this work forward by helping people enter into covenants and understand the power of the priesthood. God is relying on us, to help him fulfill his promises and get his children home to Him. Being born into or adopted into the Abrahamic Covenant is more significant than I realized and more than other members probably do too. It worries me when I hear people not going on missions or not getting married in the temple because it's going against what God wants us to do, to help this promise be fulfilled, and gather scattered Israel. President Bulloch also enforced that our salvation and blessings are dependent upon doing our part in spreading the gospel. Anyways, sorry I go off sometimes. I just wish every member of the church could feel what I feel about missionary work and how important it is for us to open our mouths and rescue our brothers and sisters.

We had a great weekend! Saturday and Sunday we had lessons back to back most of the day and evening! It's awesome when that happens because teaching is a blast. My comp is really good at teaching so I like listening to her teach and bear testimony. We're a good pair.

I'm going to briefly update you on some progressing investigators we're working with:
Melanie: Is a college student at Union College (a small college in our area). She's been to church 7 times and is just struggling quitting smoking before she picks a baptism date. The spirit in her lessons is close to the strongest I've felt my whole mission. She talks a lot about her Grandma who just recently past away. I'm pretty certain her grandma led Melanie to us. She bears testimony to us in the lesson. It's funny. She's very good at recognizing the spirit and tells us she's feeling it like as we're in mid-sentence teaching. Ha ha. On Saturday we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she told us about a dream she had of her baptism. Cool huh? When we taught about the Holy Ghost and how she can have it as a constant companion and feel the feelings she feels more frequently. She kept saying, "I cannot wait to have the Holy Ghost with me always." She's also very humble and was crying when we talked about repentance and just said all these things she needs to change. We were able to bear testimony of the atonement and forgiveness and the cleansing that comes from baptism after repentance. She's so solid. I probably won't be here for her baptism but I know I'll be in touch with her after my mission. It's fun cause she's our age and I know we'll always be friends.

Mike: Was at church again yesterday! His wife was so happy. I know it makes her so happy to have him there. When we taught him last night he was so quick to say he'd like to offer the opening prayer. That never happens! I've seen progress with him in just the past month. I love him and his family and can't wait to see them sealed someday. I really want you to meet him, Dad. He's really funny and a lot like you, I just wish he'd have the kind of faith you do. I told them if they're ever in Utah they have a place to stay. I've been telling a lot of our investigators that. ha ha. Sorry.

Timmia: Is not set for baptism on May 14th anymore. We brought a girl her age to the lesson (the Bishop's dauther, Jenny) who bore testimony and it was just a great lesson. Timmia said the closing prayer and was really thankful Jenny came with us and was all set for church. So we got she and her mom a ride set up and Sunday morning called them to make sure they were up and getting ready and they said they were too tired and not feeling well. She was also supposed to be interviewed for her baptism at church. I think one of the hardest parts of a mission is trying to stir a desire within others to act on the commitments we extend. It's like lessons go awesome, and the spirit is felt, and then we leave and they let the natural man take over. I know it's important to keep fasting and praying for them because eventually they'll have the motivation to live the principles of the gospel.

Well, time is up. I'm going to email some pictures now of the past couple weeks. I love you!

Love, Sister Zwick

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