Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Errand of Angels

After the Sunday sessions of General Conference, a movie about Sister Missionaries was on the BYU channel and I didn't even know about it! Luckily, my cute sister and her husband have Tivo and recorded it for me :) Thanks guys! The movie is called "The Errand of Angels". This past weekend when I was visiting Provo I got to watch it. It is a powerful movie, both inspiring and funny! I was touched by the message shared, and found myself examining my own attitude toward others in life. It gave me a couple of new ideas of how to prepare for companions and how to keep up with journal writing. I thought it was an excellent choice to focus on sister missionaries, as so many of the other missionary movies have been focused on elders. Whenever I see sister missionaries, whether it's in pictures, movies, or in person, I envy them! I cannot wait to be one of them. After spending a weekend with college friends and being back in the college atmosphere, the feeling I got while watching this movie reassured me that a mission is what the Lord has planned for me for the next 18 months. This movie got me excited for every part of a mission. I loved watching Sister Taylor develop into a spiritual, confident missionary. Her testimony grew and her love for others increased. I hope that change will occur within myself. I got a kick out of several things I noticed. Like how she wore bright colored tights with every outfit. Too bad that's against the missionary dress code because they sure looked cute! And when she was teaching a lesson in a blouse with sheer sleeves...she was not wearing garments, but a blue bra strap was showing. Oops, movie producers! Missionaries DO wear garments! Watch the movie trailer here...

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