Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"An anchor to the souls of men..."-Ether 12:4

Hey guys!

It's getting colder up here! I had to break out my thermals and
winter coat, but the trees are beautiful and the work is going well,
so I'm good.

It sounds like you've had fun with the grandkids all there. They are
all talking and walking now!? So cute!

I found out Zwick's Island is two hours away, and across the bridge
(towards Canada), and out of our assigned area, so I will not be able
to get there. Think of the receptivity I could have with a name like
"Sister Zwick" there though! Ha ha. I will be going there one day.
Supposedly there are parks on the island named after us too. How come
I didn't ever know about this until now? It's so sweet. We have to
take a family trip there.

Something sad happened Thursday night. You know Dora, one of our most
progressing investigators? We went to teach her and right as we sat
down she said, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave." We didn't
even know what to say. She's like, "I've been talking to my friends
and doctor and they tell me to not get involved with the mormons."
Tears swelled up in her eyes, and in ours. Sister Despain said, "Can
I ask you why they think that?" And she said, "It's just how it is."
We started to bear our testimonies and she said, "I know you're door
is always open to me, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." We
gave her hugs and then walked out. It's sad to see someone feel the
spirit and come so far, and then walk away from all of it. She didn't
use her agency very well, but we are continuing to pray for her to
come back. She had been to church three times, loved conference, had
been living the word of wisdom. We walked out and just stood there
and were like, "Did that just happen?" It reminded me of a section in
PMG that I have read so many times that comforts me when my heart is
sad for them. It says something like, "Some may not accept your
message even when they have received a spiritual witness that it is
true. Don't become discouraged, discouragement will weaken your
faith." We were sad because we love her and want her to be able to
receive salvation. She won't forget her feelings though. We went on
with our night and tried to push it behind us. All we can do now is
pray for her.

On a better note, John Spicer, the vietnam vet. who loves the book of
mormon came to church for his first time on Sunday. He loved it and
said he wanted to get up and bear his testimony! We also set him with
a baptismal date this week. He's preparing to be baptized on November
6th. He was befriended by members and felt comfortable. We also had
another investigator at church, with her son, and also a less active
father of a large family was at church too. We stopped by his home
and invited him to church and he came! He and his wife are sealed and
haven't come to church in over a year. It was cool to see him singing
the hymns. He had tears in his eyes when we shook his hand good bye.
I asked if we can plan on seeing him there next Sunday. He said
"yes". We're praying for his family to come too and are planning on
visiting them before Sunday to teach them something simple, encourage
them to come to church, and show them our love and the Lord's love for

We had the area authority attend our branch on Sunday to see if it's
functioning okay without a branch president. His name is Elder
David(?) Cook. The spirit was strong and he bore his testimony and
talked about unity and being one with each other and the Lord. By the
sounds of it, we'll be staying open. That means Sister Despain and I
have a lot of people to find and reactivating to do! He said he is
best friends with Uncle Craig.

We also had an all mission conference on Friday. It was fun to see
all the missionaries. Elder Grow from the seventy came. Something I
really liked that he said was "one of the purposes of the book of
mormon is to show that God would have a righteous people who would
keep covenants with him." It's all about keeping our covenants with
the Lord so we can remain clean and worthy to live with him again. I
love being able to help people make their first covenant at baptism to
start on their path to return home to live with Him and their families
forever. It's a beautiful work!

I love you and miss you all. Thanks for your emails, prayers, and
love. I hope you have a good week.
Happy Birthday Annie!!!

Love, Sister Zwick

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