Monday, May 17, 2010

Lots of changes!

Dear my awesome family,

I have so much to tell you and don't even know where to start, so hopefully my email makes sense because I have a million things on my mind.  I guess it's not any different than the usual.  ha ha

First of all, Bri, I am so so so excited for you and your upcoming mission!  BOSTON!!!  Way cool!  College town, like Ithaca!  You will absolutely love your mission.  I think we lucked out and got the two best stateside missions possible... new york and massachussetts!  God must love us ;)  I started a letter to you today so it'll be coming.  I love you and I'm so excited for you.  When I heard that's where you were called it sounded perfect for you.  I know there are people there waiting for your testimony and personality.  Only you will be able to reach them and help them in their journey back to Heavenly Father.  It's so rewarding and fun.  I've been thinking about you lots.

Thanks for the pictures and package, Mom.  Congrats again to Steph, Jeff and Mike.  It was so funny that Steph had like a hood thing!  What was that?  I can just see Jeff making fun of it.  I also loved the one with G and G in the Marriot center with completely empty seats in the background.  We are always the LAST ones out of any place!  Some things never change.  I just love our family.  I miss you guys.  Steph, I hope you and Mike had a good one year anniversary!  Crazy your wedding was a year ago!  I remember it like yesterday.  I think about that song, "What Heaven Sees in You" a lot.  Remember when Ash and I sang that at your wedding luncheon?  The spirit was so strong.  You and Mike are perfect for each other and I really miss crashing on the mattress in the middle of your living room.  

Well, Friday night we got a voicemail from President Bulloch saying to give him a call and that he had some things to discuss with us.  I knew it was going to be something concerning a transfer change (which had already come and gone) or Sister Hacking's health.  Sister Hacking called him back and he said that Sister Purdy (a Sister missionary in the mission who is actually from Highland and came out a transfer before me) has to go home Saturday morning (so the next morning) for surgery.  Then he said, "Her companion, Sister Johnston needs to go somewhere.  Sister Bulloch and I have been thinking, since you're sick that we should send her to Ithaca and she and Sister Zwick could go out and work and you could stay with a ward member on the days you aren't feeling well.  Discuss it with Sister Zwick and call me back."  I was so excited inside, but didn't want to show it because I knew Sister Hacking was already feeling bad that she was holdind up the work since she'd constantly need to sit down throughout the day etc.  I hated it.  So I was like, "Yeah, I think it would be good, don't you?"  She's like, "Yeah."  So she called him back and he's like, "Alright we'll be in town tomorrow afternoon with her."  Well, Saturday morning we went our like normal and Sister Hacking had only slept 2 hours the night before.  :(  Her numbness and back pain kept her up all night!  She is relentless though.  We went to a few of our appointments and around noon she's like, "Sister Zwick, can we go sit down?"  She hardly ever was the one to tell me she needed to sit down, I always was the one to ask her if she needed to and she'd then say yes, so I knew she wasn't feeling well since she spoke up first.  So we're walking to a bench and all of a sudden we hear a honk!  It was President and Sister Bulloch with Sister Johnston!  They asked if we had had lunch yet and treated us to lunch.  Sister Bulloch said, "Sister Hacking, by the way that you're standing, holding your left arm it looks like it's in pain."  Sister Hacking started crying.  We all sat there at the table in Ithaca bakery and she just cried.  We ate as Sister Bulloch rubbed her back etc.  Then we had an appointment.  So Sister Hacking and I met with Larry (an incredible investigator) who downright loves the BOM and I could tell she was still in pain throughout the lesson.  She could barely teach.  We met the Bullochs back at the restaurant again and they drove us to our apartment.  We all went in and brought Sister Johnston's luggage in.  So we were expecting to be a 3-some.  Then, Sister Bulloch looked at Sister Hacking and said, "Have you ever considered going home?"  She shook her head no.  President Bulloch gave her a talk on digression and valor and how we can't run faster than we have strength, etc.  Sister Bulloch called a doctor and did some tests there in our apartment with a safety pin which disclosed how numb she really was.  She couldn't feel the pricking on her left hand.  The mission doctor advised to send her home because left side numbness signifies, heart failure supposedly.  Idk.  It was so sad.  There in our apartment President Bulloch told her he feels strongly that she needs to go home and get the medical attention.  The spirit was strong as he told her.  I know it's what needed to happen too, but she was not happy.  She flew hom yesterday and now I'm with an amazing missionary, Sister Johnston.  She goes home in 6 weeks.  She's healthy and we hit the pavement hard all weekend.  It felt soooo good.  I love sister Hacking.  We became best friends.  Will you call her mom?  Please.  I know she's probably hating being home.  Maybe you or grandparents or someone can go to her homecoming?  (in utah) 

She flew home yesterday.  President Bulloch and Sister Bulloch came and picked her up at church.  She wouldn't stop crying.  It all happened really fast and unexpectedly, but I know God knows more than us, and the work goes on.  

I'll handwrite more about the work.  It will be an amazing transfer.  We're setting two mothers with baptismal dates this week and next.

I have to go but I love you all so much!

Have a good week!

p.s. liz cosper: congrats on your call! tennessee baby!  they are so lucky!

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